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Bison Women's Hockey

March 18, 2018

Manitoba Bisons 2
Western Mustangs 0

2017/18 National Champions!!!

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The Scene

February 21


The Scene with the Animal Guesting.

Artist Title Album

Set #1

hearing treesi've got magicquiet dreams
sean burns and lost countrydon't play with fire (sean burns & sara bleackley)music for taverns, bars, and honky tonks
heavy bellcertainlyby grand central station
iskwedisturbedthe fight within
the wailin' jennyswildflowersfifteen
animal teethheart of darknessa list of things to say
the permsbusy izzymiracle

Set #2

paper moonmercury is cleary opposing neptuneone thousand reasons to stay... one reason to leave
the sturgeonsthe stonethis is
the new customstrouble follow him no moreall walls fall
sonia eidseif you gosonia eidse
jeremie & the delicious houndsallez-yjeremie & the delicious hounds
lakes and pinesfriday night singerspeace comes at last
mise en scenedesiredesire's despair
del barberit's harder than you thinkprairiegraphy
chic gaminebefore it's too latecity city
kieran west & his buffalo bandriverwood avenueriverwood avenue
the honeyslidersmercy of machineshead back home
the deedsoh wellmother nature
slow dancgersenvious brotherphiladelphus
electro quarterstaffcharmonygretzky

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