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February 13

Continuing a look back at 2017 with a 2 hour special.  This week, great tracks from bad albums, B albums, and more!

Artist Title Album

Set #1

PileLeaning on a WheelA Hairshirt of Purpose
Cigarettes After SexEach Time You Fall in LoveCigarettes After Sex
The Bug and EarthGasolineConcrete Desert
John ZornOut of the Eternal SphereA Garden of Earthy Delights

Set #2

Timber TimbreVelvet Gloves & SpitSincerely, Future Pollution
Timber TimbreSincerely, Future Pollution
Do Make Say ThinkHorripilationStubborn Persistent Illusions
Dale CroverChicken Ala KingThe Fickle Finger of Fate
Dale CroverBad Move
Dale CroverString Bean
Dale CroverLittle Brother
Dale CroverOur Supreme Leader

Set #3

GodfleshPost SelfPost Self
GodfleshIn Your Shadow

Set #4

Crystal FairyChiselerCrystal Fairy
Crystal FairySweet Self
Crystal FairyCrystal Fairy
Tyler BatesThe Punisher Main TitleThe Punisher (2017 Netflix)
ApparatGoodbye (used as theme for Netflix's "Dark")The Devil's Walk

Set #5

Marco BeltramiMain TitlesLogan
Marco BeltramiAlternate Route to Mexico
Marco BeltramiX-24
Marco BeltramiEl-limo-nater
Marco BeltramiTo the Cemetary
Marco BeltramiFarm Aid
Marco BeltramiDriving to Mexico
Marco BeltramiUp to Eden
Marco BeltramiBeyond the Hills
Marco BeltramiInto the Woods
Marco BeltramiForest Fight
Marco BeltramiLogan's Limo
Marco BeltramiLoco Logan
Marco BeltramiLogan Drives

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