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September 20

Kate Millett was born in Minnesota where she received her undergraduate degree, and then mostly made New York her home.

Her body of work in art, literature and activism has been instrumental in shaping the 2nd Wave of Feminism. Millet is probably best known for her doctoral thesis turned best-selling book Sexual Politics in 1970.

Millett has written many influential books including The Prostitution Papers, Flying, Mother Millet about her relationship with her Mother and The Loony-Bin Trip about her involuntary Psychiatric care and institutionalization.

Between 2011 and 2013 she has won the Lambda Pioneer Award for Literature , Yoko Ono s Courage Award for the Arts and was inducted into the National Women s Hall of Fame.

Pacifica Radio has been present over the years to capture several important recordings of Kate Millett. In this program we present significant selections from two of these programs.

We begin with the 1978 recording of Kate Millet reflecting on several decades of activism from the pre-Stonewall days to the present of 1978 produced by Helene Rosenbluth.

Later we ll hear from Kate Millett in an interview with WBAI host Marillo Murillo at the time of her Loony Bin Trip book release in 1990.

But first lets here from Kate Millett the Gay Academic Union conference in November 1978