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Vote Mob Winnipeg!
on April 15,2011 by jared

Vote Mobs encourage friends, families, neighbours and communities to get out and vote!

 In the 2008 federal election, the youth voter turnout rate hit an all time low of only 37%. This statistic is deplorable. We want to ensure that the voices of youth are heard during this election. We must unite and show our politicians and the rest of Canada that we are engaged and that we plan on voting.

Bring signs stating issues that are important to you, as students and as young people in general (ie funding for post secondary education, tuition fees, public transportation, affordable housing, accessible education, etc). You are also encouraged to wear red and white and/or bring Canadian flags and other Canada paraphernalia.

We will be meeting at the University of Winnipeg at 12 pm on April 27th, but everyone (students, community members, etc.) are welcome to attend! We'll be filming a YouTube video, chalking about democracy on the Spence St promenade, plus there will be an Elections Canada kiosk onsite with information on how to vote.

This event is non-partisan. Please do not bring or wear any materials from a specific political party or candidate.

Because many young people don’t bother to get out and vote, it’s easy for politicians to ignore the issues that are important to us. It is time for this to change. We must make our voices heard to our political representatives, that we are informed and that we plan to exercise our democratic right in voting.
We seek to inspire and encourage youth to become politically engaged in the electoral process by participating in their democratic right to vote. We also wish to call attention to issues that are important to students which are currently being ignored by all politicians.

If you value democracy, political engagement and want to set an example of participation an involvement in Canadian politics, we encourage you to attend and express your vision for Canada. Youth have the power to inspire positive change and to influence politics. We must defeat voter apathy. Become engaged, empowered and above all, vote!

Send Canada a message... Youth are voting this federal election.

Electoral Forums on UMFM
on April 15,2011 by jared

In an effort to shed some light on issues affecting young people in our province, and those facing post secondary students, UMFM will be hosting two electoral forums live on our airwaves featuring candidates from two of the ridings closest to our home here at the University Of Manitoba.

The first forum will take place on Tuesday April 26th, from 5PM until 6PM, and will feature candidates from the Winnipeg South Centre riding including:

You can now hear the Winnipeg South Centre Candidates forum in it's entirity here.

The second forum will take place on Wednesday April 27th, from 6PM until 7PM and will featur candidates from Winnipeg South riding including:

You can now hear the Winnipeg South Candidates forum in it's entirity here.

ArtsVote Winnipeg Federal Election Forum on Arts and Culture!
on April 10,2011 by jared

The ArtsVote Winnipeg Federal Election Forum on Arts and Culture will be held on Wednesday April 20, from noon until 1:30 PM, at the Manitoba Theatre for Young People (#2, Forks Market Road).

This forum will be moderated by David Angus, President & CEO of the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce.

Confirmed participants include:

- Rod Bruinooge, Conservative Party of Canada
- Anita Neville, Liberal Party of Canada
- Pat Martin, New Democratic Party of Canada

Information on other representatives from the four main federal parties that will be partcipating will be updated shortly.

This event is free and all are welcome.  We sincerely hope that everyone will be able to attend this very important forum, however, if you can't please tune in to one of the following broadcasts on UMFM to hear audio from the event.

  • Thursday, April 21 - 430PM - 6PM
  • Saturday, April 23 - 12PM - 130PM
  • Monday, April 25 - 5PM - 630PM
  • Thursday, April 28 - 430PM - 6PM
  • Saturday, April 30 - 12PM - 130PM

If you can't listen during one of the broadcasts, you can also download the file and listen at your convenience.

ArtsVote Winnipeg is a non-partisan coalition established to create awareness about the importance and impact of the arts in Winnipeg and Manitoba. We join with our colleagues across the country in promoting bold, visionary cultural policies and greater public investment in the arts as essential to fulfilling Canada’s potential as a creative, prosperous country. ArtsVote Winnipeg does not endorse any political party or candidate.

Help Survivors of Japan Quake & Tsunami
on March 16,2011 by jared
An 8.9 magnitude earthquake hit Japan late Thursday night approximately 250 miles northeast of Tokyo, sparking a tsunami warning across the Pacific region.  According to news reports, the death and injury tolls number in the hundreds. The powerful tsunami waves triggered by the earthquake swept cars, buildings, and trains away, causing additional widespread damage. The area remains on alert due to powerful aftershocks, which may last for days.

Many of our listeners, as well as many of UMFM's own volunteers, have contacted us today asking how they can help with the relief efforts. After a little research, I can suggest that donating to one of the following organizations will certainly help to make even a little difference.

Special series broadcast: Women and Water
on March 11,2011 by michael

Starting Tuesday, March 15th and running for 9 weeks, UMFM is pleased to be airing a very special series called Women and Water.

Developed by BC MLA Michelle Mungall (Nelson-Creston), this 9-part series promotes the protection of water as a human right. Stemming from representing her water-rich region and her efforts to save the Glacier-Howser watershed from a proposed private power project, Michelle developed and hosted this radio series that looks at issues sure to strike a chord with UMFM listeners concerned about the conditions of Lake Winnipeg and Manitoba's rich water resources locally and water rights globally.

About the series:

"Women and Water is a radio series that shares the stories of women advocating for water. Host Michelle Mungall is the MLA representing Nelson-Creston, a beautiful water-rich constituency in the Kootenay region of British Columbia. The show raises consciousness about threates to this basic human need through passionate interviews with women crusaders who have made it their mission to defend access to clean, pure, public water.

As activists, women play important roles in society. They stand up for their beliefs and give a strong voice to issues that matter to everyone. The women on this program are no exception. And when it comes to water they will not be mute."

While UMFM will not be airing it, Michelle will be hosting a live talk show event in Vancouver on March 22nd to mark World Water Day. The event will be broadcast live on ustream and via the Women and Water website, and will be available as a podcast on that site at a later date.