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The Manitoba X Minnesota Music Exchange Is Back!
on September 21,2017 by michael

UMFM is proud to once again be the local media partner in the Manitoba X Minnesota Music Exchange running all next week.

Manitoba Music is teaming up with Minnesota Public Radio's The Current for the third edition of its music exchange aiming to continue deepening connections with Minnesota-based industry and media. Minnesota is one of Manitoba’s closest and largest music markets. Just over the border, the Twin Cities alone is home to over 3.2 million people. Manitoba X Minnesota Music Exchange offers the chance for four export-ready acts to expand their audience base and network with key industry players.

Manitoba’s own hip hop triumvirate 3PEAT and electronic pop outfit VIKINGS will trek south for some Midwestern fun at Minneapolis’ Icehouse on September 27 along with Minnesota’s grunge punk trio Bruise Violet and indie folk rock act Fathom Lane. The four bands will hit Fargo’s Red Raven Espresso Parlor on September 28 and then head across the border for a night of music and fun at The Good Will Social Club in Winnipeg on September 29. Between shows, each act will have the opportunity to network with key industry players, offering a chance to share and develop their audiences.

Leading up to the shows, The Current and UMFM 101.5 will also be spinning tunes from a cross section of Manitoba and Minnesota acts. The Current's Jim McGuinn, David Safar, Jesse Wiza, and Jade will join Vitriol Independent Promotion’s Jesse Stensby and Modern Radio Record Label’s Tom Loftus at a MusicWorks roundtable lunch on September 30 at Manitoba Music exploring strategies artists can use to make Minneapolis and St. Paul a launch pad to tour this thriving market and open other regions in the U.S.


Sarasvàti Productions to Announce a Transformative 17th Season!
on September 4,2017 by jared

Sarasvàti Productions 17th season in Winnipeg will envision new realities, tolerance, and overcoming challenges. The full force of the Envision… season line-up will be announced on Friday, August 4th at 7:00 pm at The Saddlery on Market (114 Market Avenue). Guests at the event will be treated to a sneak preview of the 2017-2018 theatre season, which will include teasers from Sarasvàti’s fall festival, FemFest.

Events are part of First Fridays in the Exchange, allowing people to stop in and catch the action. As a way to put in to action a theme about seeing new possibilities, Sarasvàti Productions has teamed up with ArtsJunktion mb for a build-your-own kaleidoscope with recycled materials station at the launch.  

 “Although seventeen years is an odd milestone, what we are most excited about this year is our 15th FemFest. The festival has changed so much since 2003,” says Artistic Director Hope McIntyre, “We are attracting big names with Ivan Coyote’s Tomboy Survival Guide and celebrated Canadian playwright Judith Thompson. Plus we have thrilling news about our next large-scale community project and this year’s International Women’s Week Cabaret of Monologues.”

Sarasvàti Productions will continue to provide Winnipeg with engaging, unique and inspiring theatre. As Winnipeg’s only theatre company with a mandate of social change, Sarasvàti’s 17th season will focus on access, inclusion and building bridges. First-time partnerships with the Winnipeg Public Library and West End Cultural Centre will allow for an expansion of programming. In its 2017-2018 season Sarasvàti will produce FemFest 2017 with touring shows from across Canada, including the Human Library initiative and new conversation cafes. This will be followed by a community tour and a world premiere in May. Details will be announced on August 4th!

In its history, Sarasvàti Productions has created new works addressing the issues of mental health, youth in care, racism, violence in schools, bullying, poverty and immigration. Last season FemFest featured its first play by a trans artist and popular clowns Morro and Jasp; the high school tour of Shattered had over 6,000 youth experience this powerful and interactive performance; the Cabaret of Monologues were performed in a record number of communities across Manitoba; and the world premiere of Breaking Through was a huge success.

Sarasvàti Productions’ 2017/18 Season Launch – Envision… takes place on Friday, August 4, 2017 at The Saddlery (114 Market Avenue) at 7:00 pm. Refreshments generously donated by Cake-ology. All are welcome.

You Down With the BIG FUN?
on September 3,2017 by jared

Since it's inception we've been a proud supporter of the BIG FUN festival, an annual, five day music festival showcasing multiple genres of music in several venues in downtown Winnipeg every January.   Using Winnipeg’s prairie winter as the backdrop, the festival showcases the best of Manitoba’s current and upcoming artists as well as some hand picked acts from across Canada.

The festival runs from Wednesday evening to Sunday afternoon.  There are a variety of events taking place throughout the weekend in close proximity to each other so that festivalgoers can travel between the shows. . Shows on the same evening are staggered and are distinct in sound and delivery so that you can have many different experiences all in one Big Fun weekend.

Submissions for #BIGFUN2018 are now open! From June 1st to September 15th submit your band to play the 7th instalment of the Big Fun Festival, running January 24th-28th.

Think you or your band would be a good fit for the festival?  You can apply by heading over to the festival's submission's page and following the easy steps - it's just that simple!

UMCycle Is Now Open!
on August 24,2017 by jared

We're proud to welcome a great new member to our campus family - the newest service offered by our friends at the University Of Manitoba Student's Union - the amazing UMCycle!

The UMCycle Bike Kiosk is a full-service bike shop at the centre of the University of Manitoba, Fort Garry Campus. We have parts and accessories for sale and do installation, adjustments and overhauls of all systems of the bike (ie: wheels, brakes, shifters, drive train, steering). The shop is accessible with a ramp leading to the automatic main door. Students get a 25% discount on all services.  Be on the look out for special workshops and events coming up throughout the summer and school year!

A community stand with a variety of tools is available when the shop is open. Friday afternoons from 2:30pm – 4:30pm is community stand time where students and community members can do their own bike repair with the help of a mechanic.

Open Monday thru Friday from 10:30 until 1:30PM starting June 26th!

For more information, please contact us at (204)474-8484 or email us at!

Notice Of Signal Outtage
on August 21,2017 by jared

On Sunday, August 27th, the University Of Manitoba will be replacing the transformer that failed at the last month, causing a power outtage that shut us down for 3 days at the end of July.

Please be advised that we will be switching our feed over to our transmitter playlist at midnight on the 27th and will be shutting the station down until the work is completed, which is scheduled to be by no later than 6PM on the 27th.

Many of your favorite Sunday programs will be providing us with shows that we will be playing via the transmitter feed, so despite the building being shutdown, the great music you love will roll on!


**Update** We are back up and running at full power now - as some of you might be aware, the outage did kill our live streaming services for a couple days, but as of this morning, those are back and in full effect as well.  Thank you for your patience and continued support!