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You Won A Golden Ticket!
on November 2,2017 by jared

Since our first Pledge-O-Rama back in 2012, we've been super proud to partner with some of our favorite local venues and festivals to give away the ultimate music lovers dream prize each year - the elusive UMFM Golden Ticket

There is so much music that goes on in our fair city and we feel that the Golden Ticket helps to showcase that and allows it's holder to introduce their friends and family to the great music scene here, but also introduces them to the wider Winnipeg Musical Ecosystem that allows all of this to happen on the regular!

Special thanks as always goes out to our participating venues & festivals that make this possible, you can't begin to understand how appreciative we are for your support.

Our 2018 Golden Ticket Winners are:

The Good Will Social Club - Steven Putz
The Handsome Daughter -
Emily Michaelson
The Park Theatre -
Amy Unger

The Pyramid Cabaret -
Marc LaCasse
West End Cultural Centre -
Patty Bolton

Jazz Winnipeg - Laura Graham
Winnipeg Folk Festival - James Korba

Thanks once again for your generous donations - we'll be in touch to discuss your amazing prizes with you shortly!