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UMFM says ‘goodbye’ to a long-time host and welcomes an old host back.
on October 5,2017 by michael

For well over a decade, Sunday mornings have found Sacred Space host George Rideout exploring “One’s way to Spirit.” UMFM is sad to announce that the journey has come to an end and the 8-10 AM timeslot will no longer feature Rideout’s inquisitive spiritual pursuits, nor provide the shared sanctuary for listener and host alike.

We would like to thank George – and his producer Lynne – for all their efforts at and on behalf of the station during the entire run of Sacred Space. Their absence from the station will certainly leave a hole in the collective heart of UMFM.

Likely no surprise to the spiritual sojourner, the end of one thing often marks the beginning of another so at the same time, UMFM is pleased to announce the return of former programmer Nathan Zassman, whose new program Zassman Plays the Classics will take over the Sunday morning timeslot.

We say “former programmer” because while Zassman has not been involved with the current run of UMFM, he spent several years at the former CJUM back in the late seventies. Zassman brings not only his experiences from those years, but also a wealth of knowledge about Classical music and a strong desire to share that passion for the form with listeners.

As a special wrinkle, the first episode tackles the second letter of the alphabet as Zassman shares some of his “B sides.” Tune in every Sunday at 8am for Zassman Plays the Classics, followed by our classic Jazz program Fascinatin’ Rhythm at 10am.