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Music For Two Radios
on January 11,2017 by jared

We're extremely pleased that we will be taking part in the 2017 New Music Festival on February 2nd, as we co-present Music for Two Radios, a new 15 minute new music composition by Montreal's Ben Shemie. This performance is in collaboration with with our friends downtown at the U of W, CKUW! 

This composition is written as a duo for two radio stations. The two respective parts of the composition will be broadcast on 95.9 FM & 101.5 FM simultaneously on February 2nd, at 10:30pm sharp. Audiences are invited to tune into each radio station with two FM radios AT THE SAME TIME and listen to this composition.

This piece is free, analague, and available to anyone in the greater Winnipeg area with two FM radios. In collaboration with the Winnipeg New Music Festival and the Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art an installation/performance of the piece will be open to the public to experience at the downtown gallery. Multiple FM radios with be set up around the gallery spaces to create a live experience of this composition.

You are invited to bring your old FM radios to the gallery and add to the many FM radios that will be set up.

This happening subverts the ubiquitous medium of radio in a simple and transparent way, and is a uniquely Winnipeg experience available live only to people in the Winnipeg area.

This piece of music was made possible by the support of Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec