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Get Ready To Laugh Winnipeg!
on September 19,2016 by jared

The Winnipeg iF... Improv Festival is back for the 17th installment and will again bring you the best in improvised comedy and theatre from all over North America. These shows are all made up here in the middle of the praires for a week centred at the GSAC right in the heart of Osborne Village. This year, we're bringing in world class improv and sketch comedy talent from Seattle, Los Angeles, Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, Port Coquitlam, and Winnipeg!

Randy Dixon (from Seattle's Unexpected Prodcutions) will be presenting his Ray Bradbury inspired improv show as well as directing the ensembles. Mark Little and Andrew Bush (from Picnicface fame) will be bringing some stand-up and sketch comedy. Vinny Francois from Improv Montreal, Doodle Bop Girls from Rapid Fire Theatre as well as even more guests. Kevin McDonald (The Kids in the Hall) will be directing a Sketch Ensemble. We will also have a Festival Ensemble, a Local Ensemble, stand-up comedy night, sketch comedy night, and even more IMPROV!

Expect it all Oct 11-15th at the Gas Station Arts Centre!

Tue, Oct 11th is the kick-off with a FREE show at the Albert Street Cocktail Company (91 Albert Street)

Wed, Oct 12th Stand-up vs Improv at the GSAC

Thur, Oct 13th Sketch Comedy Night at the GSAC featuring Kevin McDonald and members of Picnicface!

Fri, Oct 14th Improv in the style of Ray Bradbury and more...

Fri, Oct 14th Late show with brand new improv from the Ensembles!

Sat, Oct 15th Improv from Rapid Fire Theatre and French/English mash up!

Sat, Oct 15th Late show with brand new improv from the Ensembles! for more details and tickets!