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Puppet Guy: Africa's Top Ventriloquist

Reviewed By: Cindy Murdoch

July 27 2018

Written and performed by Conrad Koch, this is a unique comedy show that showcases the art of ventriloquism.  While Koch bills himself as South Africa’s top ventriloquist, he also admits to being the only ventriloquist in South Africa. But his fame is not undeserved.  He does a number of fun ventriloquist sequences with various well crafted puppets and ties these bits together using his own personal tales.  He definitely has a unique skillset and is good at it.  The writing is good, funny and on the edge of the line, sometimes touching on issues of racism, politics and sex.  This is a goofy and fun show that keeps the audience laughing throughout. It's worth seeing but you'll need to arrive early as it is in a smaller venue that easily sells out.

Puppet Guy: Africa’s Top Ventriloquist
Venue 5 - Son of Warehouse
60 Minutes
Parental Guidance
Warning: Mild Language