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The Wilds

Reviewed By: Cindy Murdoch

July 27 2018

The Wonderheads are back at the Winnipeg Fringe to debut their newest show.  These two performers write and create their own world of magical storytelling which they bring to life with their larger than life masks.  As in past shows, the performances are physical demanding while subtly conveying emotion, which draws the audience into the show.  This year, they bring us a tale of an older couple living out of town, isolated but enjoying life until a mysterious storm rolls through separating them and tearing away the tree they planted so long ago.  This prompts the Man to embark on a journey into the nearby ‘Wilds’, a journey full of mystical creatures and discovery.  This is truly a wonderful show that makes great use of props, costumes, music and lighting.  It is whimsical, captivating, creative and emotional; this is a must see.

The Wilds
Venue 21 - MTYP Mainstage
Physical Theatre
60 Minutes
General Audience
Warning: Smoke or fog
Show Accessibility: Hard of hearing, deaf, English as a new language