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The Neighbourhood Watch Improv

Reviewed By: Cindy Murdoch

July 27 2018

With six performers, The Neighbourhood Watch is one of the larger improv troupes, giving them more minds and bodies to create with.  They ask for two audience suggestions; a “fictional town” and a “community event”, then proceed to create a long form improv with three different story lines improvised around these themes that they slowly interweave into one tale.  The transitions were good and there were some funny bits.  I also found some performers to be noticeably stronger than other.   This is a short, 45 minute show that was fun to watch but not overly funny on the night I attended.  However, this is improv and every show is different so you never know what you’ll get to see tomorrow. 

The Neighbourhood Watch Improv
Venue 12 - Asper Centre For Theatre & Film (U of W)
45 Minutes
Parental Guidance
Warning: Mild language