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Two White Guys Solve All The World's Problems

Reviewed By: Cindy Murdoch

July 27 2018

This two-man show written by Deejay Dayton focuses on an evening at the cabin with two old friends.  Both seem to come from a pretty close minded, undereducated, fearful angry place where the world is against them. However, one friend has grown to accept the realities of the world and opened his mind to some of them while discovering peace in cabin life.  The other however, has succumbed to his anger and continues to make his way through the world, blaming everyone else for his faults and bad behaviours.  It’s like watching a more moderate Trump supporter have a conversation with a more extreme one.
There is definitely value in accepting and recognizing that people like this do exist in the world and that the reality is that we need to address them, as well as their close minded beliefs and scapegoating actions.  However, it also seemed to make a good section of the audience frustrated and uncomfortable being in a room where such ideas are being aired and expressed.  There were some clichés that could have been avoided, and I think it would have been helpful for a show to provide some resolution techniques, which it did not.  Still, I felt it was worth checking out.

Two White Guys Solve all the World’s Problems
Venue 10 - Planetarium Auditorium
45 Minutes
General Audience