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Let's Prank Call Each Other

Reviewed By: Cindy Murdoch

July 27 2018

This one-man show, written, performed and created by Zach Dorn, is one of the hidden gems at this year’s Fringe.  Dorn comes off initially as scattered and all over the place, and the set looks like that of a disorganized man’s apartment.  However, as the show proceeds, it is clear that there is a method to his chaos and that everything is exactly in its place.  Dorn takes us on a journey of several stories from his life and puppet show journals, animated in a live comic sort of action through video projection of puppetry, dioramas, flip art, overhead projector cutouts and shadow puppets.  This is a well put together show that makes extremely creative uses out of several art mediums. It also delivers interesting stories, told by an odd but genuine and charming narrator; this show is well worth checking out.

Let’s Prank Call Each Other
Venue 5 - Son of Warehouse
60 Minutes
Parental Guidance
Warnings: Mild Language, sexual content