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Hot Thespian Action: Classic!

Reviewed By: Cindy Murdoch

July 27 2018

Always a Fringe favourite, this four member Winnipeg sketch comedy troupe does not disappoint as they deliver laugh after laugh to a sold out crowd.  The performances are top notch; physical and hilarious, the skits are witty and solid, and their timing is impeccable as they flow seamlessly from one sketch to another, often leaving the audience still howling from the last sketch as a new one begins. 
While this has become expected from Hot Thespian Action, there is one big difference this year - they are not bringing us new material, but rather classic sketches from the past.  After 13 years, 10 shows, 86 performances and over 130 sketches, there are a lot of sketches to choose from; and that is exactly what the audience gets to do.  Online before each show, the audience vote for what sketches they would like to see revisited, creating a different show each night.  The show I attended featured 12 classic sketches; some were old favourites of mine like “Bachelor of Design” and “Love Story”, others were new classics from past shows I had not seen before like “Vay=Cay” and there were those sketches you had already seen but forgotten and were happy to reminded about as they were performed in front of your eyes.  There is something for everyone in this show; great and nostalgic for fans but solid and funny for newbies as well.  A creative way to reuse past material and a lot of fun to watch, this show is a must see.
Hot Thespian Action: Classic!
Venue 18 – Gas Station Arts Centre
60 Minutes
Parental Guidance
Warning: Coarse Language