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Josephine, a burlesque cabaret dream play

Reviewed By: Justin Olynyk

July 27 2018

Josephine depicts the incredible life of African-American Josephine Baker, who found fame and fortune as a cabaret singer and burlesque dancer in Paris during the 1920s and 30s. This show is brilliant. Performer Tymisha Harris gives a sexy and playful performance as the title character. She even manages to include some sexy audience participation that seemed to make one participant a little uncomfortable.

However, for me, the real treat of the show was how subtly this show discussed racism at several points, including how a young Baker couldn't tell the difference between a hanging platform and a stage. Everything about this show was perfect, except the ending. The show should have ended with her returning as a cultural icon during the March on Washington and singing The Times They Are A Changing. Then fade to black and play the news report of her death. Instead of ending on an emotional peak, the show limped along with a silly dance and an unneccessary final song. Still, this is a terrific show.

Josephine, a burlesque cabaret dream play
Venue 16 - PTE Mainstage
75 Minutes
Mature Audience
Warning: Nudity