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Jezebel, at the Still Point

Reviewed By: Kevin Longfield

July 27 2018

I am reminded of Henslowe’s speech in the film “Shakespeare in Love” in which he gives his prescription for theatre; “Comedy, Love, and a bit with a dog.” On that scale, Jezebel, at the Still Point scores three out of three. People who love their dogs will likewise love this production, and even people who are not dog lovers will probably enjoy the performance.

The premise of this play is a desperate attempt to prolong the life of Jezebel, who, like any companion animal, faces a much shorter lifespan than the average human. The quest becomes a fanciful exploration of space, time travel and cloning in an attempt to preserve the loving bond between human and dog.
Hillyard brings a lot of charm and love onto the stage, and this will likely win over even those who are not part of the dog-loving crowd (with the possible exception of cat lovers), and only the diehard purist would object to breaking conventions such as when the astronaut dances through the wall of imaginary space ship.
Jezebel, at the Still Point
Venue 8 – The Rachel Browne Theatre
Physical Theatre
60 Minutes
General Audience
Warning: there is a dog in the show