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Reviewed By: Kevin Longfield

July 27 2018

From the title to the final line, this is a clever, thought-provoking theatre experience. White face is a style of clowning, but when the actors are non-white, it is also a political statement. These two performers offer a rich exploration of the political landscape in which we live, and also of the individual challenges we all face trying to navigate that world.

Performers Todd Houseman and Lady Vanessa Cardona have great chemistry and great individual skills. Like all great drama, they offer more material than one can digest in one sitting, meaning that the performance lingers in the mind, and in my case, also leaves a longing to see it again. I hope Whiteface has a long life on stage. At the same time, I hope the creator-performers make some adjustments for future opportunities. Some elements went on too long for the impact they were having, such as the film montage, which although powerful, had me impatient for the next element by the time it was over. 

Venue 8 – The Rachel Browne Theatre
Physical Theatre
45 Minutes
Parental guidance
Warnings: Coarse language, violent content
Show accessibility: Hard of hearing, deaf